Meeting 2nd October 2013


Minutes of the Meeting held on

Wednesday 2nd October 2013 at Newbold Quarry


Ed Sharkey-Barton Parish Council

Danielle Westlake-Tatenhill Parish Council

Charles Meynell-Fisher German Chartered Surveyors

Tim Claxton-Aggregate Industries

Carmella Barbour-Aggregate Industries

Simon Cope-Aggregate Industries

Jeremy Moore-Aggregate Industries

Delia Shannon-Aggregate Industries

Debbie Holihead-Staffordshire County Council

Cathy Waldridge-Staffordshire County Council

1.Quarry Tour

2.Resume Meeting


3.Apologies for Absence

Apologies received from the following;

Tim Corbett (Staffordshire County Council)

Julie Woznicka (CRI)

No apologies received from either representative of Dunstall Parish Council and Walton Parish Council

4.Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd May 2013 were generally agreed as a true and accurate record.  E Sharkey to write to both Dunstall PC and Walton PC about their continued representation.

Action: E Sharkey

5.Current Working and Restoration


C Barbour provided concise overview of operations. Total sales to the end of Sep-13 are 619,000 tonnes. Currently there is a 40/60 split on sales between internal/external customers. We continue to blend material from Tucklesholme on a 60/40 basis in favour of Newbold material.

Conveyor line will be relocated within the next couple of weeks.


Operations continuing unabated. T Claxton gave an overview of what is being proposed between AI and the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in terms of restoration and the transfer of ownership of the surface. This should occur before year end.

6.Landfill Operations

Infill moving to the east side of the sewer pipe. To the end of Sep-13 358,000 tonnes (30% inert / 70% PFA) has been deposited. PFA continuing to come from Rugeley and Ratcliffe power stations.

7.Planning / Developments

7.1Lower Estate Extension

SCC planning committee resolved to permit the Lower Estate Extension (subject to legal agreement) on 5-Sep. Legal agreement relates to continued traffic routing agreement, terms of reference for liaison group and extended aftercare period (10 years). T Claxton to circulate liaison group terms of reference when available.

Action: T Claxton

7.2Solar Park Proposal

No progress to date.

8.Added Value Operations

8.1Bagging Plant

No issues reported. 65-70KT of sales forecast for 2013. Plant capacity is 120KT per annum.

8.2Charcon Factory

No issues reported. Returning to a 3 shift pattern shortly. Output in the region of 100KT per annum.

8.3RMX Plant

No issues reported.

9.Environmental Issues

9.1Noise / Dust

No issues reported recently.

9.2Water Management

No issues. Monitoring ongoing.

9.3Landscape / Visual

No issues reported.

9.4Waste Permitting

EA visit recently to discuss surrender of old waste management licences.

10.Public Footpaths

Application to divert footpaths in Tucklesholme quarry has been submitted. Lane at Tatenhill has become overgrown. T Claxton to speak to landscape & biodiversity officer Phil Jackson about trimming back.

Action: T Claxton

11.Quarry / Community Initiatives

Support for Barton music festival.

Shared Space Project – T Claxton to gauge support from Company.

Update given on proposed Community Fund

Sponsorship of PCSO car – E Sharkey to write a letter.

Support for Dunstall Cricket Club

Tatenhill village request for gravel – C Barbour to respond.

Display panels for community woodland – D Shannon to assist with this and also buying of trees.

12.Any Other Business

D Shannon gave an overview of the biodiversity offsetting project and what it is about.

13.Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 21st May 2014 commencing at 5.30pm.