The Newbold Quarry Liaison Group was formed between representatives of Aggregate Industries and the local community comprising members from local Parish Councils (Dunstall, Barton, Tatenhill, Walton), Staffs County Council, Staffordshire Wildlife, Staffordshire Water etc.

The main purposes of the group are 2 fold. Firstly, to ensure that the workings of the Quarry don’t adversely affect the local community. Secondly so that the local community are informed and involved with the remediation of quarry activities when excavation work is completed, essentially the schemes in place to restore the site and return them back to wild life and the community.

Currently the quarry is due to complete its first major phase in 2017. Recent plans have approved an extension to these works with a scheme planned to last another 15 years. It’s a major development and its vital that local communities are engaged to help shape the future of the areas worked.

The meeting help in May has highlighted the commitment of the Quarry group to maximise the benefit to wild life and the community of the planned restoration schemes and hence as a starting point we have decided to publish as much information about the workings and plans on this website to keep all Parishioners informed of the plans and activities.

We hope also to form a working group between the Parish Councils involved to be more organised and engage further with the community prior to our meetings with the Quarry representatives. We see this as a fabulous opportunity to our local communities to shape the restoration schemes and the interim phasing of the quarry. Newbold are very committed to the community engagement and are happy to be involved with any initiatives to support the community through the project. Already community schemes in Tatenhill and Barton have been supported directly by the Newbold team. To support the Dunstall community we aim to discuss potential schemes at our next parish meeting, you’d be very welcome to attend to contribute to these discussions.

Over time we will post the various plans and details of the workings on this website and also any other details of schemes and related meetings. In the meantime if you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail please contact us via this website and we will be happy to get in touch.