Dunstall Parish Council has continued to pursue the issue of road safety in the parish with Staffordshire County Council.

In November 2014 a meeting was held with Mr Rayson of Staffordshire Highways, County Councillor Corbett and members of the Parish Council at Dunstall cross roads to highlight the speed, increasing volume of traffic and issues with poor visibility at the junction. We also discussed accidents that have been recorded over the last few years at the junction.

Mr Rayson was very supportive and organised a survey to monitor traffic and propose a scheme to improve the junction. The scheme was forwarded to the PC who made it available on the PC web site for parishioners to review and provide feedback.

One of the ideas from the PC was to place rumble strips on the side roads to alert traffic to the upcoming junction. However it was explained that these were not allowed within 50metres of houses due to noise issues. The PC, therefore surveyed the locals to gain feedback. These were not popular and rumble strips will NOT form part of the scheme.

The agreed scheme can be summarised as follows: –

There will be 2 No VAS (vehicular activated signs) powered by solar panels situated on the C18 (Forest Road) either side of the junction set back at an approved standard distance, these will not be close to the houses. The existing signs will also be replaced with new ones.

The stop signs on the side roads at the approach to the junction will be replaced with new signs of the same size, however they will be mounted on a reflective backboard and will be set further towards the hedgerow to avoid any clashes with high sided vehicles. The stop signs at the actual junction will also be replaced with new ones.

The road markings will be repainted with ‘stop’ written on the approach roads and the white lines refreshed.

The improvements are due for completion at the end of March 2015.

Parishioners are welcome to attend the next PC meeting on the 19th March to discuss the scheme further.

Parish Clerk

Karen Jackson
Chase View
Scotch Hills Lane
Barton under Needwood