Village Gates Project

Dunstall Parish Council has been working very closely with Tatenhill and Rangemore PC and also Staffs County Highways looking at range of measures to improve road safety throughout the Parish. As a first step we have agreed a scheme involving the erection of gates sited on roadside verges to help clearly mark the boundary of the village and areas of housing to passing traffic. At the moment there is a national speed limit in the village and surrounding areas, the village gates and planters will help to create a visual reminder to drivers that there is a change of driving behaviour required and that safety is a priority. DPC has raised around £10,000 to pay for the gates with funding from various sources. The PC would like to thank in particular ESBC, Councillors Julia Jessel and Jacqui Jones, and the Barton and Dunstall Key Trust for their contributions to the project. The gates we hope are a first step in implementing other safety measures. Updates will be given at future PC meetings and will be posted on the PC website. The gates will be installed over the next couple of months.

The detail of the scheme can be found in the attachments to this page.  Including locations of the gates and the planters, the funding requests for ESBC and Barton and Dunstall Key Trusts for information.

If you require any further updates or clarifications then feel free to contact any member of the DPC.


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Download: Dunstall Village signs (86 KB) Download: NDF Application 2016-17 Dunstall gateways (235 KB) Download: Grant Request 02-03-2017 (123 KB)